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we endeavor to post new takes daily to make your life better.

Re-TAKE - LA Fins

stealth ninja & GTS 7.5

Just too cool not to “Re-Take” We got the actual fins today – so cool and such a timeless pattern. What’s not to like we wish our quiver was covered in the patttern!

Our style rating: nuclear bombed the system 

Our Take - F-One

Anako is on board with the use of Bamboo in all products as it is a very eco friendly product.  This board has style in both the materials used and shape. We knock it down a bit as the logo placement could be better. This one is on sale for 44% off HERE

Our style rating: 8/10 waves 

Our Take - ZRE Paddles

Carbon on Carbon loves the look of carbon fiber no matter the weave. The use of different weaves or “K’s” for different areas on ZRE paddles looks fantastic and has style. No mix matched materials with ZRE only carbon. Kudos! We found some deals on ZRE Paddles HERE

Our style rating: 10/10 waves 

Our Take - King's Paddlesports

Lazer w/custom paint saw this board a few months ago and should have bought it on the spot. We were told that it was a custom color and the customer “didn’t like” how it came out. The customer was wrong. We LOVE the look and style of this board King’s paddlesports is located in Carlsbad CA and produces in line and custom boards. 

This board is for sale on

Our style rating: 10/10 waves 

Our Take - Anomy SUP


Anomy’s philosophy is to “create one-of-a-kind stand-up paddle surf boards for one-of-a-kind people”. Based on that loves the fact that Anomy has partnered with unique “one of a kind” illustrators to design the graphics of the boards in their range. Josan Gonzalez is an illustrator based in Sabadell Spain. While we love the design we can’t get past that it is on an inflatable board. It would look sooooo much better glossed over on a hardboard.

Our style rating: 7/10 waves 

Our Take - Larry Allison Fins

Day of the Dead design

Ok – If you know Larry you know the dude’s got style to burn. That’s him in the matching DOD makeup. is BLOWN AWAY by this design!! Day of the Dead designs are popular across many industries but Larry takes the design a step or 20 further and incorporates it into a high quality SUP fin. Larry Allison is the “OG” Finologist and makes some of the most badass fins in the world. He is known not only for how well the fins he produces work but for their design. This design is about to hit the stores again as a limited edition. Jump on board and get one as in our opinion this is the best design we have ever seen. Contact Larry HERE

Our style rating: 1,000 waves (and we only use a 10 wave scale).

Our Take - Deep Ocean Boards

Velocity 14′

Deep Ocean Boards is a company out of Australia whom has been making some of the best race boards on the planet for the past few years. They are own the popular surf ski brand Dolphin Surfcraft that has been the standard for years. is obsessed with the color ways that Deep has introduced to the SUP market. The bright colors complement the sleek design of this model and the dugout cockpit with the tail pin rear design makes this board look fast! Their logo design and placement is in the right place for brand marketing without distracting from the sleek design. We found some deals on Deep Ocean Boards HERE

Our style rating 10/10 waves